sdodin – Marvell Odin II SAS/SATA drivers


bind –a #S /dev


The sdodin driver provides access to SAS, SATA and ATAPI devices via the sd(3) interface. The Odin programming interface supports up to 16 hot–swappable devices per controller.
Odin controllers are detected automatically. Currently only the Marvell 6485 is supported, although devices using the Marvell 6420, 6440 and 6480 chipsets can likely be supported with minimal changes.
The top level control file, /dev/sdctl, supports the following control messages for sdodin:
odin debug     Toggle debug messages. Default is off.
odin idprint   Toggle printing of drive identification messages. Default is on. Prints short messages when a drive is identified or removed.
odin aprint    Print SCSI commands executed. Default is off.
The device–level ctl file supports:
state state
Force a transition to the named state. The states are:
null        ignored (may only be reached manually);
missing     not detected;
nopower     detected in power–saving state; new newly discovered;
ready       ready for commands;
error       not ready for commands due to error;
reset       being reset gently;
portreset   being fully reset;
offline     device failed portreset (a port reset will be attempted periodically).
For devices present at boot, the transition is from state new to state ready.
The led file allows the external control of enclosure LED states through SES–2 messages over GPIO/SFF–8485. I²C transport is not supported. The contents of the led file is the current state of the port's LEDs. Writing a state to the file will set the given state. The Odin does not set LED states and slots without drives may not be controlled. The standard SES states accepted are
none        no state set;
normal      nominal condition;
rebuild     parent lun is rebuilding;
locate      show drive location;
spare       hot spare drive;
pfa         predicted failure;
critarray   array has lost redundency;
failarray   failed array;
fail        drive has failed and should be replaced. backplane buzzer will sound.
The LED state has no effect on drive function.




atazz(8), scuzz(8), sd(3), SES–2 (ANSI INCITS 305–1998)


Enclosure management, port multipliers and SAS expanders are not supported. Commands that take too long to complete will be timed out; security erase unit is almost certain to time out.