The Fileserver

The top machine is the fileserver. It has no disks. It has a Conroe L 35watt 420 processor, 4gb of memory and 4 ethernet ports. Two 82571s are used for direct links to the aoe device, 1 82573 is used for fs traffic. The file sytem configuration is
  filsys other pe2.0"other"
  filsys main cpe2.0"kcache"e2.1
  filsys dump o
The bottom machine is a prototype SR0821T (see my employer). Lun 2.0 is a two-disk raid 1 array for cache (200GB Segate ST3250310SV drives) and lun 2.1 is a a 3 disk raid raid 5 array for worm (750 GB Samsung HD753LJ drives). You can see the SES-2 lights flashing if you look carefully, indicating the hot spare (Segate 750GB SD2750640AS) in slot 2.5. Note these drives are not on the Coraid compatability table.

Since installation both the hot spare and one 750GB Samsung have failed. They were replaced with 1TB Western Digital WD1002FBYS drives from the Coraid compatability table.